After Hours Emergency? Call us at 905-576-3031

We are currently experiencing a very high influx in cases needing emergency and critical care attention. Please note that the highest priority cases will be seen first regardless of arrival time. Patients that are more stable may wait several hours before being seen.


Transfer Procedures

For Day Clinics, any patients that require after-hour care in our facility can be transferred at 7 pm to the AEC with the following information:

  • AEC Transfer sheet filled out by the regular veterinarian
  • Complete patient history including lab results
  • Radiographs, X-ray CD or email radiographs to
  • Prescribed medication and dosing information for the patient

The Transfer Sheet is to be completed with the pertinent patient chart/history prior to 7 pm.The referring DVM/clinic should phone the AEC at 7 pm and speak to the attending DVM to discuss the case prior to sending the patient. Please do not send anyone prior to 7 pm as we do not have any staff here and are unable to admit them until we are operational and fully staffed.

Clients need to be advised that they are responsible for bringing their pet here and picking up again in the morning to transfer their pet back to the regular clinic if ongoing care is required.

Once the transfer has been confirmed, the client and patient should be sent to our facility with a copy of the transfer sheet in hand. All IV’s should be turned off or ported and flushed. All radiographs and medications should be sent with the client.

Upon arriving at our facility, the patient will be assessed and admission procedures will start. Contact information and an initial TPR, and history will be taken by our staff. Due to the volume of transfers and other emergencies on weeknights, there may be lengthy wait times for any of our clients.

Once an estimate has been agreed upon by the client, the patient will be admitted and hospitalized overnight. Any patients that can be discharged may go home the next morning from our facility. Any patient that requires ongoing care will be sent back to their regular day clinic the following morning between 6:45 am and 7:15 am. The AEC closes at 8 am in the morning; discharges are required to occur prior to closing.

Prepayment in full is required by the client at admission.

All records including lab results and a transfer sheet will be emailed back to the regular clinic at discharge. Any X-ray CD’s and medication will also be sent back with the client to the regular clinic. The patients’ IV will be turned off, flushed and possibly ported. Urinary catheters with closed collection systems will never be turned off. IV’s will need to be restarted once arriving back at the regular clinic.

Weekend transfers follow the same procedures. A phone call prior to transferring on a Saturday or Sunday is necessary.

MAY SEE: Please send over any records and lab results for any patients that have ongoing conditions that we may see during the night or weekend. This helps us to provide better care and service if we have this information. Any lab results can also be directed here by your lab, so we have them on hand if needed.