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Helpful Links

Online resources and services carefully selected to assist you in effectively caring for your pet.

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet that deals with a variety of topics related to your pet’s health and wellness. The following is a collection of online resource sites and services that we know you will find helpful when it comes to caring for your pet.

We do our very best to keep on top of this list to ensure that all the links are current. If you find a link that is no longer valid, please let us know. We are always interested in growing this list and encourage you to offer your recommendations on the sites you have found informative and feel would be helpful to other pet owners. Simply email us the link today at

Disclaimer: These web sites are owned and operated by other organizations so Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region is not responsible for their reliability and/or content.

  • Durham Animal Services
  • Pet Insurance
  • Referral & Specialties
  • Sites of Interest
  • Suggested Health Sites
  • Veterinary Associations