NOTICE: Please contact us for estimated wait times and check out the “What to Expect” page to familiarize yourself with our triage levels.

Transfer Procedures

For Day Clinics, any patients that require after-hour care in our facility can be transferred at any time of day to the AEC with the following information:

  • AEC Transfer sheet filled out by the regular veterinarian
  • Complete patient history including lab results
  • Radiographs, X-ray CD or email radiographs to
  • Prescribed medication and dosing information for the patient

The Transfer Sheet is to be completed with the pertinent patient chart/history prior to transferring.The referring DVM/clinic should call us at 905-576-3031 and speak to the attending DVM/RVT to discuss the case prior to sending the patient. Please do not send your patient prior to speaking with us. We would like to provide your client with an estimate of care prior to their arrival to ease the transition into ER care.

Once the transfer has been confirmed, the client and patient should be sent to our facility with a copy of the transfer sheet in hand. All IV’s should be turned off or ported and flushed. All urinary collection bags should remain open and your client instructed to leave the collection bag at a lower level than their pet in the car. All radiographs and dispensed medications should be sent with the client.

Upon arriving at our facility, the patient will be assessed and admission procedures will start. Contact information and an initial TPR, and history will be taken by our RVTs.

Once an estimate for care has been agreed upon by the client, the patient will be admitted and hospitalized for continued care. Should you wish to have your patient return to your hospital in the morning when you are open, please discuss that with your attending DVM prior to transferring.

Prepayment in full is required by the client at admission. We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash and e-transfer (we do no accept cheques). When we take a pre-authorization (or hold) on a card, this is similar to when you pay for gas at the pump – it authorizes up to a certain amount, but we only charge for the services we provided at the time of discharge.

Please note we do NOT offer payment plans or deferred payments. If you require financial assistance, please visit prior to arrival. We also offer Trupanion express direct clinic billing if your pet is insured with Trupanion. Please note that your profile and pet’s records must be up to date in order for clinic direct billing to be available.

All records including lab results will be emailed to the primary veterinarian upon discharge. Please note that x-rays may be emailed prior to discharge, please wait 24hr prior to email the clinic for records as your patient may still be in hospital.

MAY SEE: Please send over any records and lab results for any patients that have ongoing conditions that we may see during the night or weekend. This helps us to provide better care and service if we have this information. Any lab results can also be directed here by your lab, so we have them on hand if needed. Please send all records to