After Hours Emergency? Call us at 905-576-3031

We are currently experiencing a very high influx in cases needing emergency and critical care attention. Please note that the highest priority cases will be seen first regardless of arrival time. Patients that are more stable may wait several hours before being seen.


Veterinary Exams

Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region is exclusively an ER hospital. All annual veterinary exams should be conducted by your family vet. If you are unsure if your pet is experiencing an emergency issue, please call our team at 905.576.3031.

How much does a veterinary exam cost?

Prices will vary from patient to patient. For the most accurate estimate, please reach out to one of our client care specialists. Veterinary exams typically consist of a tip-to-tail visual exam, as well as other tests like bloodwork, X-rays and urine sampling. Your pet may require additional diagnostics or analysis depending on what the doctor finds.

How often should I take my pet to the vet?

Although each patient is different, we recommend your pet visit your family vet for a complete health check at least once per year. Senior pets, pregnant pets, kittens/puppies and those with health conditions may need more frequent visits so we can monitor their health status and modify treatments as needed.

Help! My pet is scared of strangers, how can I prepare them for a vet visit?

Please know that you are not alone. Many patients have anxiety and other behavioural problems. You can start by associating the experience with a positive one. Reward your pet with extra attention, treats or toys before and after their consultation. (Just be careful with giving them too many treats. Food should be used sparingly as a form of reward, to prevent any diet problems in the future.) Please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary adjustments for your pet. For example, some cats are uncomfortable being around dogs. In these cases, we can do our best to prevent any stressful encounters with canine friends.