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X-Ray Services for Dogs & Cats

We offer specialized X-ray services to aid in diagnosing and treating cats and dogs.

From random swallowed objects, to complex medical conditions, X-rays help us treat your cherished pets. They are minimally invasive, pain free and provide us with immediate results for analysis. Give us a call at 905-576-3031 to learn more about our diagnostic services here at AEC.

Do pets need sedation for an X-ray?

It depends, but in most cases, your pet is likely painful when they’re presenting to an ER. We practice non-manual restraint for X-rays. This means your pet will receive some pain medication +/- additional sedation if required. Your pet lays on the x-ray table while x-rays are taken. Medications used for sedation are safe and used in low doses to decrease anxiety of your pet. The majority of the sedatives we use can be reversed after the x-rays are completed. What remains in your pet’s system is medication to help with pain so your pet will be comfortable. Pain medication and sedation also help us to obtain accurate and clear images.

My pet is pregnant, is it possible to miss a puppy or kitten during an X-ray?

If the scans are performed too early in the pregnancy, or if your pet is having a very large litter of puppies/kittens then it may be possible to miss a few of their offspring in the scan. It’s possible for puppies to accidentally hide behind another. At the early stages of development, bones and other organs are simply undetectable with these scans. The 45-day mark of the gestation period is usually the earliest point at which pregnant pets can be scanned for an accurate result.